Compass at MTI (Mission Training International)

We had wonderful Christmas celebrations and are now enjoying a week of family time before we head to MTI.

Can you believe it?! This is our last major training to complete before leaving for Guatemala! During the month of January (January 4-30), we will be completing the Compass program at MTI in Palmer Lake, CO (see photo at the top of this post, although it’s going to be much, much colder and snowy than it appears in the photo!). This is a program designed to prepare us for whatever might be thrown at us as we transition to life in another country and learn what it means to live and work there long-term. As they put it, the three main course objectives are: (1) practical skills in make or break issues, (2) understanding how to learn a new language, and (3) preparation for personal vitality and healthy relationships.

As some of you may know, I (Abby) completed a different Compass program through Camp Spalding the summer after high school graduation. It was a life-changing summer that really set the course for the rest of my adult life, teaching me many of the skills I needed to know to thrive and modeling for me what a life of Christian service looked like.

Will you join with me in praying that this Compass program will provide a similarly vital experience that will set us on the right trajectory for our ministry in Guatemala?

vital | ˈvī-tᵊl

1a. of the utmost importance

1b. fundamentally concerned with or affecting life or living beings

2. concerned with or necessary to the maintenance of life

3. full of life and vigor


As we embark on this journey, will you pray with us for safe travel? On Sunday, we will hit the road again as a family and start the drive to Colorado. We will stay one night on the road and then arrive on Monday at MTI to begin the training. Currently the forecast looks mostly clear but freezing temperatures always mean there is a risk for ice on the road.

Will you also pray that God would raise up the rest of our support during this month? We are going to be busy (we will also be working on the final course of SYIS concurrently!) and really need your prayer that we will be able to bring our support level to 100% so that we can leave in February as planned.

While we are attending this training, we will post weekly updates about what we’re learning and what God is teaching us through the program. We’d love to have you follow along!

Featured image – File:The lake at Palmer Lake, CO IMG 5177.JPG by Billy Hathorn – shared under CC by SA 3.0 –

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